[Tease Pov] Rushlight_dante doing Slapping Ass with Miki Uemura is very I’m Ecstatic Inside Tower Block

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Gag Pawg Creams All over. With that the man hung up as did the doctor, First I have to ask you aren’t a follower, or priestess, for any of these three are you? The man asked

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Pakistani [Tease Pov] Rushlight_dante doing Slapping Ass with Miki Uemura is very I’m Ecstatic Inside Tower Block

She went down the stairs and saw her dad, blushing as he stared at her and she saw a bulge growing in his pants, he snapped a picture of her walking down the stairs
“well I'm glad I got you that chastity belt, because with your slutty tendencies and the way you look your gonna need it tonight” he said making her wince, but she just nodded, her date rang the door bell and her dad answered and let him in, snapping some pictures of them together,
Kelli had fun with Ben, enjoying the few slow dances they did plus a couple of bump and grinds, he was grinding his crotch against her ass and she was getting horny it felt like he had an impressive package, they left the dance about 15 min before everybody else to go hang out in his car, making out, his hands on her breasts, groping and making her moan into his mouth, he lowered her dress and sucked the nipples of both breasts till they were hard as rocks and bruised, all red and glistening with a light purplish color starting to spread over them from his sucking so hard, her pussy was sopping and she had completely forgotten about the chastity belt until his hand reached down to stroke her pussy and got metal instead, he lifted her dress in frustration, looking down and growling in anger when he saw the belt
“what the fuck? you got a key to this right?' when she shook her head and bit her lip, groaning in frustration he snapped, smacking her “you fuckin tease, you dont have any holes i can use, get me all hard, i work you up and i don't get anything for it?!” Kelli whimpered and held her hand against her sore cheek, nodding quickly “im sorry Ben i forgot” she muttered he shook his head angrily “not good enough” he then grabbed her hair, tangling it and ruining her nice updo as he pulled her down, undoing his pants and letting his cock out

“seeing as your mouth is the only thing thats of any use to me i guess ill have to settle for that so you better do a damn good job” he said shoving her down and making her suck his cock, he wasnt as big as she had expected, actually her dads cock was longer and thicker, so it wasnt hard for him to give him a blow job, using the technique her dad had taught her, sucking his balls while her hands stroked him, then going back to sucking him off till he came in her mouth, he didnt taste good at all and she gagged and coughed as she reluctantly swallowed it and cleaned him up https://freeporns.info/hd-porn-movies-sovereign-sy…. he fixed his pants and drove her home, still angry, there wouldnt be another date “considering all you could do was blow me your not to bad, surprising for such a cock tease” he said chuckling as he shoved her out of the car, throwing her purse out and driving off with the passenger door still open and swinging

[Tease Pov] Rushlight_dante doing Slapping Ass with Miki Uemura is very I'm Ecstatic Inside Tower Block

High Definition [Tease Pov] Rushlight_dante doing Slapping Ass with Miki Uemura is very I’m Ecstatic Inside Tower Block Reversecowgirl

” She said thats all right with me and i was wondering if you would want to have some sex because my husbands been gone for 2 weeks and i haven't had sex lately” so i said Sure why not so she went to her desk and pulled out a condom and said put htis on and we began to FUCK she yelled harder faster harder faster and her tits were flopping all round while her pantyhose tore as we fucked harder here it cums, freeporns.info. So i did and she did then we fucked more and then we were done and we got dressed like nothing had happened

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