Stroking Girl Tall Angelica Cruz Peak High At The Cathedral

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i walked over to harvey and said “harvey baby (he smiled to finally hear me call him baby) your so much more than what claire thinks about you Interracial BANGBROS –. when i was leaving the family part from claires side said it was a pleasure meeting me they hope i could come round again i responded by saying thank you all for inviting me im sorry i if i was a little to out spoken harveys mom said not at all leonardo i spoke and said “my friends call me leon so please feel free to to call me it” claire got up and said that i was a total disgrace this everning but harveys mom must have liked me more than what i thought she did because she told claire to leave and never to devaule her son ever again

when harvey drove me home outside my gates i said goodnight to him and i kissed him as i was getting out he took my hand and said “leon thank you so much for tonight” i said “its not a problem i enjoyed my self” and strangly enought i did harvey also asked for my car keys (because i had a spare set of keys to my parents cars and he didnt want me to drink drive) so i handed them over the next day i woke up early and got ready i called my self a cab to go to harveys house top pick up my car,

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Japan Stroking Girl Tall Angelica Cruz Peak High At The Cathedral

Really hot summer day, I stand in front of your door
Knowing that the parents are gone for a while
Knowing that it's just gonna be between the both of us
Tonight is for us, tonight is dedicated to our bodies

Open the door, let me in, give me something to drink
Look at me while I'm looking at you
These curves, these lips, these hips
Oh God, I'm already ready for the party
And I see in your eyes the same energy
The powerful desire to be mine tonight

Siting in the sofa together, hand in hand, eyes in eyes
Talking about our lives without really realizing what we say
'Cause we both now what we want, what we want so bad
But all this masquerade's just the introduction to something better
In your eyes is a fire that nobody can stop burning
The two points on your breast is the proof
The proof of what's happening in your heat
Hard, hard, hard, so hard baby

Can't hold on anymore
Yet I have my hands on your breast
Pressing them, feeling their perfect form
Your body against mine, you can feel
How much I want you only for me
The heat of the room makes us sweating
Take off these clothes, let me see all
Wet you are, it's useless to hide it
Your 15 years old body – My 17 years old body
Perfect alchemy, perfect timing
Now let me take your heart
Now let me take you hard

I call your bitch, you call me sir
On your all fours, you're waiting for me
You're trembling, you beg me
I will make your wish a reality
And fuck this willing body
The euphoria makes me going deep
I'm inside your womb, inside your mind
Do you understand I'm your master for tonight?
I grab your hair, spank your butt
Accelerate the cruel cadence of my cock in your ass
I hurt you and I know it, but I don't care
You're moaning – babe you're moaning
You scream so loud but you don't beg me to stop it
You follow the rhythm of your rape
And accept your conditions
You're my slave and nothing else

Sucking my cock, riding my cock, you know the deal
Opening your legs, squeezing your breast, you know what you're made for

The paroxysm is near
I feel the climax
Oh girl I will fill you up
Unleashing all that I have in you
Feel the seed so hot flowing in you
Maybe you will be pregnant
You know the risk, but you want always more
'Cause you listen only your body

Dear sister, fuckin' you is all I need,….

Stroking Girl Tall Angelica Cruz Peak High At The Cathedral

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As the contractions started to build, she was forced to push my head away from her pussy, Click here.

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