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So My wife got me to move our Coffee table over to the middle of our lounge room and she placed some towels on it for a bit of padding for her to lay on, she lifted up her nighty and i saw that she had no underwear on which made me horny as, she proceeded to lay on the coffee table with her sweet looking butt stuck up in the air, what a great looking site that was, Allison then proceeded to call Kong over to her, he came running over to her and gave her a big sloppy kiss, she pushed him back towards her pussy and gave her ass a couple of slaps and said come on boy here is a pussy you can fuck, Kong then shoved his big head between her legs and had a real good sniff of my wife's pussy, she jumped a little bit when he first licked her clit with his big wide tongue, Allison then looked at me and said she felt his tongue across the whole of her pussy and up to her butt, it was nice she said,

Allison asked me if he was ready, I said i don't think so, he knows what to do he keep's humping in the air but his cock is out of it's sheath, I did say to my wife that he looks pretty big and his cock seems really fat, Allison said that would be the knot, that is fat, I said honey you need to look at this because the knot is still in his sheath, With that she got up of the table and turned around to have a look, her eye's widened as she looked at how big he was, she reached over and grabbed his cock and gave it a bit of a rub, Now that was horny to watch, my wife stroking a Dogs Cock, “Kong” felt my wife's hands on his cock and started humping faster and harder, Allison said my god this is big and the knot is even bigger, his cock is really hard,

Allison then felt Kong humping at the back of her but he kept missing the hole so Allison reached back grabbed his cock and lined it up perfectly to her pussy and with one hard thrust of his arched back he was in his first human pussy, My wife yelled out loud as he pushed his cock in her i looked at her and asked if she was ok but before Allison could answer Kong started to fuck her at a speed that I can only imagine was somewhere between Warp 1 and Warp 5, .

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Giving her one last wolfish grin, his eyes closed and his breath became slow and deep as sweet sleep took over his exhausted body, freeporns.info. He fearlessly plunged into her harder and faster then ever before, pulling out until he was barely inside of her before thrusting with such force

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