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Yuuka Tomoda goes on Ecasualsex.com to find more dicks (45 min) 2

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, freeporns.info. “I think we have a winner,” Kiki said, “what do you think?!?” Angela looked in the mirror, tried to imagine what she would look like and said, “Yeah, I think they look great!!!” “Good,” Kiki replied, “now get out of your things so we can get these on you!!!” When Angela was naked, Kiki looked her over and said, “You really do have a beautiful body, “I think Dave is going to love these!!!” The bra was cut so that almost the entire breast was exposed, it was really no more than a shelf that helped project the breasts upward, leaving the nipples exposed, while the panties, were of course crotchless, revealing the vaginal crack of anyone wearing them!!! When she was all “dressed”, Angela looked in the mirror and had to admit she looked pretty good, she had only one question, “Do you think that crotchless is too crude!?!” “Are you kidding, dear,” Kiki retorted, “it sets off the whole ensemble!!!” Angela giggled, the wine had taken its effect, and replied, “They do look wicked don't they!?!” Kiki gave her a hug and replied, “Wicked isn't the word for it, now there's just one more thing!” “What's that,” asked Angela in a slightly slurred voice?!? “This,” said Kiki, as she held up a two inch long thin plastic cylinder! “What is it,” a curious Angela asked?!? Not answering, Kiki led Angela by the arm over to a chair, pushed her down onto the seat, and ordered, “Okay, Angela, spread your legs please!!!” A slightly confused Angela began to ask why, but Kiki just cut her off and in an intimidating voice said, “I'm the expert here, do it!!!” A very timid Angela, then replied softly, “Okay,” and the proceeded to move her legs wide apart! Taking her left hand, Kiki spread Angela's vagina apart ?and with a quick motion, inserted the plastic tube into Angela's cunt!!! “Now, a little bit intimidated, Angela asked weakly, “What's that for?!?” “It will get you in the mood to pose,” Kiki responded, “now let's go, Jake's waiting!!!”

“All set,” Jake asked, while looking all the time at Kiki, who simply nodded “yes”!?! “Good,” Jake replied enthusiastically, “let's get started!!! Hanging from the ceiling amid all the lighting equipment, was a very high quality video camera that was trained on the posing area, Angela never even noticed!!! This time, instead of a hand held 35mm camera, Jake was using a large format portrait camera, a good deal slower, but which produced much clearer pictures! “Okay, honey,” Jake said, “lift your chest up and out, good, very good!!!” Directing Angela was easy, and in no time at all Jake had taken fifty very erotic photos of the pretty housewife

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